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Student Financial Aid

2023-2024 Kent State University
Student Online Donor Acknowledgment and Appreciation Form

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Please list up to five activities that you are involved in. This can include student organizations, sports and club teams or community service (100 character limit each).

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Please describe a significant experience you have had at Kent State. This should be an experience you've really enjoyed such as a class you've taken, an event you've attended on campus, your experience studying abroad, etc (450 character limit).

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To answer this question, think about your goals for the current academic year, what you hope to accomplish in the future and where you want your education to take you (550 character limit).

Use this space to thank the donor(s) of this privately funded scholarship. Your note should mention how you feel about receiving the scholarship, what the scholarship means to you, and how it will impact your education and expreience at Kent State and beyond (750 character limit).

I understand that by submitting this form, I am giving permission to Kent State University to include my information when reporting to donors and in various university publications.