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* As the recipient of a privately funded "named" scholarship, you are required to write a letter of appreciation to the scholarship donor and complete a recipient profile. Once you submit your letter of appreciation and recipient profile, the University Office of the Bursars will credit your student account.

Please use this space to thank the donor(s) of this privately funded "named" scholarship fund. Receiving a thank you note, and hearing what this scholarship means to you, is greatly appreciated by our donor(s).

A donor thank you note is usually about 10 sentences long. It can include a thank you statement at the beginning and end. The note should also include a sentence about how you feel about receiving the scholarship; what the scholarship means to you; how it will help you and make a difference in attending college. (click here for some helpful tips)

I understand that by submitting this form, I am giving permission to Kent State University to include my information when reporting to donors and in various university publications.