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Kent State University
Summer 2014 Financial Aid Request Form

(2014-2015 Award Year)
  • This application must be submitted by March 15, 2014 to meet priority processing and summer payment deadlines.
  • You must complete the 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before your Summer Aid Request will be processed.
  • The last date to request summer aid is 7/31/2014

You may check the status of your summer application through FlashLine (logon from

Last Name First Name Middle Initial
Kent State Student ID# Email Address:
Access FlashLine to get your student ID
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1. Summer 2014 Enrollment Status
(Note: You must be enrolled for summer classes in order for your request to be processed. Summer financial aid will be awarded based on the actual enrolled hours at the time your application is processed.)

Total number of "Undergraduate" credit hours you plan to enroll during Summer 2014:


Total number of "Graduate" credit hours you plan to enroll during Summer 2014:


KSU campus you plan to enroll for the majority of Summer 2014 classes


Will you be enrolled in an Online program OR are you taking all Online courses for Summer 2014?

2. Will you graduate in 2014? If you indicate that you will graduate in 2014, your financial aid will be adjusted accordingly. *

If yes, indicate the month

If you will graduate in December 2014, please indicate the number of credit hours you plan to enroll in the 2014 fall term.
If yes, what degree/program will you complete in 2014?
If yes and you will be returning to Kent State during the 2014-2015 academic year, indicate your degree or program.
3. Have you applied for a graduate assistantship during 2014-2015? *

If yes, indicate the term(s)

4. Will you have tuition assistance or any other source of financial aid during Summer 2014? (Examples include Tuition Fee Waivers, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, WIA, JTPA, TAA, etc.) *

If yes, indicate the source of aid:

5. Attention: Post Undergraduate and Graduate Non Degree Students

If you already have a bachelor's degree and are not admitted to a master's or PhD program, you must complete the 2014-2015 Program of Study Form in addition to this Summer Aid Request Form and the 2014-2015 FAFSA. Your Program of Study Form must be approved in order to receive federal loans.

6. Will you be a transient student during Summer 2014 who wants to use your KSU financial aid to pay for the visited institution's tuition expenses?

Transient means you are a KSU student taking classes at another institution. KSU regional campus students are not transient. Transient students must complete the consortium agreement process before aid can be awarded for summer. You will be responsible for paying your tuition and meeting deadlines at the visited institution until this process is complete.

Download the consortium agreement form by clicking here and return it to the KSU Student Financial Aid Office. Note: KSU will not award aid to non-KSU students.
If you are a transient student, please provide the name of the visited institution you will attend during Summer 2014.
If you are a transient student, how many credit hours will you be enrolled at the visited institution?
7. If you will study abroad during Summer 2014, please enter that program name.

You will be contacted for any additional procedures required to use financial aid while studying abroad.

(check all that apply)


  If you meet eligibility requirements for the Pell Grant or Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant (TEACH), you will be awarded a semester of eligibility for the summer term. If eligible, Pell Grants and TEACH grants will be distributed over the three semesters (Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015) based on your actual enrollment at the time your application is processed.
OHIO COLLEGE OPPORTUNITY GRANT - Not available to students enrolled predominately at a regional campus during the summer.
PENNSYLVANIA STATE GRANT: Pennsylvania residents must complete the Online Summer State Grant Application at to apply.

Federal Loans

The deadline for applying for a Direct Loan for Summer has passed.
FEDERAL DIRECT LOAN: The Student Financial Aid Office will evaluate your eligibility for both the subsidized and unsubsidized loans. To be eligible you must be enrolled at least half time (6 credit hours for undergraduate, eligible post undergraduate and eligible graduate non-degree students and 4 credit hours for graduate students).
  Total Loan Amount Requested for Summer 2014.
      Enter the total dollar amount (no decimals) of your Federal Direct Loan request for the entire Summer 2014 term(s).  
  • Click here for access to the Bursar Web site and tuition amounts.
  • Click here for more information regarding loan limits.
NOTE: using loans during the summer will decrease your fall/spring loan amounts.
  Your summer loan amount will be deducted from your annual loan eligibility and the remaining balance will be divided equally between fall and spring terms. If you indicated that you will graduate in December 2014, your remaining eligibility will be pro-rated for the fall term based on your actual fall enrollment. If you indicated that you will graduate in August 2014, your Federal Direct Loan amounts for summer will be pro-rated based on your actual hours in summer. Fall and spring awards will be cancelled if you graduate in summer.

By submitting this request form, you are automatically accepting your Federal Direct Loan for the Summer term. However, you must "ACCEPT" your Fall and/or Spring Federal Direct Loan amount on FlashLine.

The deadline for applying for a PLUS loan for Summer has passed.
FEDERAL DIRECT PARENT PLUS LOAN: Check this box if your parent will apply for the Parent PLUS loan. The parent borrower must apply Online at The Parent PLUS loan for the summer is a separate application and cannot be combined with the fall and/or spring semesters. View application instructions.
The deadline for applying for a PLUS loan for Summer has passed.
FEDERAL DIRECT GRADUATE PLUS LOAN: The Student Financial Aid Office will evaluate your eligibility for the Graduate PLUS loan only after you have exhausted all your Federal Direct Loan (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) eligibility. You must be admitted as a graduate student and be enrolled in at least 4 credit hours. View application instructions.

Private / Alternative Loans

PRIVATE / ALTERNATIVE LOANS: Check here if you will apply for a private/alternative loan for the summer term. To apply, you must contact your lender for information and application process. To compare alternative loan lenders, click here for the link to FastChoice.

Note: Summer alternative loans must be a separate application and not combined with the fall and/or spring semesters. The Summer 2014 loan period is June 2014 through August 2014.


SCHOLARSHIPS OR OTHER AID: Use of scholarships during the summer will count as one of your semesters of eligibility. To use a Kent campus scholarship you must be enrolled full time at the Kent campus and meet all other eligibility requirements to receive most KSU scholarships during the summer. You cannot use room and board scholarships during the summer. Indicate the name(s) of the Kent State University Scholarship(s) previously awarded through Student Financial Aid that you wish to use during Summer 2014.

Honors students who wish to use an honors scholarship must contact the Honors College for summer approval


Check here if you will work in an on-campus student employee job in Summer 2014