Student Financial Aid


  • You must be able to print this form. It cannot be submitted electronically or saved. If you do not have access to a printer please visit your financial aid office to retrieve a hard copy of the appeal form.
  • Please follow these steps:
    • 1) complete the form on this page
    • 2) confirm your information on page two
    • 3) print and sign the PRINT THIS FORM page (page three)
    • 4) return it (along with supporting documentation for extenuating circumstances noted in appeal) to your campus' financial aid representative.
  • If you were in violation of the Maximum Time Frame policy, you must submit the Maximum Time Frame form in addition to this appeal. Appeals will be evaluated by the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Committee at your campus. Appeals cannot be considered for semesters that have already passed.

Appeals can be approved only for one semester. Students who receive a one semester approval must either be in compliance with the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress policies at the end of the semester or earn a 2.0 GPA and complete 67 percent of their courses during the approved semester. Students who were approved and were cited for Maximum Time Frame must register for only those courses listed on their form, complete 100 percent of their total attempted hours, and earn a 2.0 GPA during the approved semester. Students who fail to meet these standards will not be approved to receive aid the following semester.

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Select semester for your financial aid appeal
You can appeal for aid for one semester. If you are approved and meet the requirements your aid can be extended to future semesters.
Please select one semester.
1. Extenuating Circumstances:
Explain the extenuating circumstances, such as personal illness/injury, critical family illness, or other situations of severity that adversely affected your academic performance. There is a maximum of 2000 characters.
(Maximum characters: 2000)
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You must submit supporting documentation for your statement. Examples of documentation include but are not limited to: birth/death certificates, obituaries, funeral programs, medical records, court documents, statements from physicians, counselors, clergy, social workers, employment records such as pay stubs or a letter from an employer.

2. Explain Changes:
Explain what has changed that will allow you to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy at the next evaluation. Outline your detailed plan to achieve academic success at Kent State University and include the specifics steps you have taken to meet this plan. There is a maximum of 2000 characters.
(Maximum characters: 2000)
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3. Maximum Time Frame:
For students cited for Maximum Time Frame please complete the Maximum Time Frame form (available at in addition to this appeal and documentation.

4. Signature/Date:
My signature attests that I have read and understand the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and the information I have provided is accurate. To review the complete Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, please visit