Anne's Study Abroad Blog
Hello! My name is Anne and I would like to welcome you to my Study Abroad Video Blog. The purpose of this blog is to explain the entire process of studying abroad and show you my experience abroad in Dresden, Germany. I hope watching me go through the entire experience will help students take studying abroad from something we all talk about doing, to a must-have experience in college.
Everyone CAN Study Abroad!
  • Whether you are in a program or not
  • Financial Aid is available
  • Most students with a GPA of 2.5+

The time to Study Abroad is NOW Kent State! Itís easier than you think! Iíll show you where to start!
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Ignorance is not always bliss. Prepare yourself before you go!
  • Do you need to learn a language?
  • What is the culture like?
  • What other places should I visit while Iím there?

Taking steps to prepare yourself before you study abroad will help you make the best of your time and help you adjust to the country.
go to our complete "Steps for Studying Abroad" page
When in RomeÖ
  • What should I bring with me?
  • How will I keep in touch with friends and family?
  • What do I do when I get back?

  • Immerse yourself in the culture! You may not get another chance! Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to learn about yourself and another country.
    go to our complete "Steps for Studying Abroad" page
Anne's Final Reactions

Check out my final reactions and thanks for watching my blog videos this semester. (play)
Students final reactions

Final thoughts from KSU students in Dresden  (play)
Teaching Highlights

A look into our classrooms in Dresden (play)
Anne's Classroom

A look into one of my TEFL lessons in Bernsdorf, Germany. (play)