Dear Student,

A review of your academic record indicates that your current academic status at Kent State University is Undergraduate Non-Degree, Guest, Transient or Undeclared. These classifications indicate to the Student Financial Aid Office that you are not seeking a degree at Kent State University or have not declared a major. Therefore, you are ineligible to receive federal financial aid.

In order for you to become eligible for federal financial aid, you must declare a major and enroll in a degree program. You can contact your college or school office to discuss your academic status. If you choose to declare a major and enroll in a degree program you must completed the Declared Program Form for Financial Aid (available at aid/forms) and submit a copy of the Request for Change of Program form (available from your academic advisor) to the One Stop for Student Service or your campus’ Student Financial Aid Office. Your eligibility for federal financial aid will then be reviewed.

If you are a Transient student (visiting Kent State University from another institution) you must complete an Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement with your home institution. Kent State University cannot process financial aid for students who are visiting Kent State University.

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You can check the status of your financial aid eligibility via your FlashLine Account by following these steps: Log into Flash Line, Click on the My Account tab at the top, Under Financial Aid click on Financial Aid Status and Select ”Award Year” from the drop-down box.

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