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This program is designed to help you estimate your out-of-pocket expenses for the 2010-2011 academic year at Kent State University. Please answer the following questions about your educational plans in part one and then enter your financial aid awards in part two. After you have completed both sections, click the Calculate My Costs button at the bottom of the page to calculate your estimated out-of-pocket expenses.

If you do not have your actual financial aid award amounts you may first obtain an estimate of your awards utilizing the Kent State University Award Estimator by clicking here. After you receive your estimates you will be able to select the option to calcuate your out-of-pocket expenses at Kent State University.

Part One: Estimating Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses for the
2010-2011 Academic Year

1. Are you an Ohio resident?
2. Which campus will you attend during the majority of 2010-2011?
3. Where will you live during 2010-2011?

4. Enter any special educational expenses (per semester). $.00
Examples: lab fees, flight fees, matriculation fees, etc. Books are not included here
5. On average, how many credit hours do you plan to take each semester?
6. What will your class level be?
NOTE: Other fees and charges not required of all students and generally of a miscellaneous nature are not included in this calculator. For information about these course fees, see the University Fee Register, which is available in the Bursar's Office.

Part Two: Entering your Financial Aid Awards (semester amounts only)
Please enter the semester amounts listed on your Kent State University Financial Aid Award Letter. Do not enter your yearly award amounts. If you have already been awarded financial aid from Kent State University the amounts can also be obtained by logging on to the financial aid portion of Student Tools  (log into Flashline from the KSU homepage). We are unable to verify these amounts at this time. Therefore, it is up to you to properly enter the data in order for this report to be accurate. If you have not been awarded financial aid awards from Kent State, you may first obtain an estimate of your awards utilizing the Kent State University Award Estimator by clicking here.

Award Type
Enter Semester Award Amount
Federal Pell Grant:
$ .00
$ .00
Ohio College Opportunity Grant:
$ .00
$ .00
Perkins Loan:
$ .00
Direct Subsidized Loan:
$ .00
Direct Unsubsidized Loan:
$ .00
Federal Work Study:
$ .00
Other: (Examples: University Fee Waiver, Veterans Benefits, University Award)
$ .00

Part Three: Submit your entered information